Fantastical pictures,
crafted by hand.

Christian Schwager is a freelance illustrator, concept artist, and comic artist, living and working in his lower-Bavarian hometown Landshut.

Detailed and playful. Traditional book illustration mixed with comic/cartoon aesthetics and a bit of a punk/metal attitude. Rounded off with a generous dose of (self-)irony.

Dark fairytales, myths and legends.
Mythological creatures and other wild things, ghosts, and demons.
Regional customs, folklore, history.
Science fiction and fantasy in the broadest sense and a bit of erotica.

Areas of application:
Bilderbogen (lit.: picture sheet), illustrated books, textbooks.
Games (board, card, RPG, and tabletop games).
Editorial, postcards and prints, merchandise (album artwork, t-shirts, badges, patches, etc.).
Film & TV.

Handmade, traditionally* (analogue) illustrated, with lots of imagination and skill. Professional, friendly, customer-oriented.

* Traditional working method with pencils, inks (pen, nib, quill, brush), watercolours, and other media on paper and various other materials.

Christian Schwager
Email: schwager@solitudo.com
Instagram: instagram.com/theartofschwager/