Sunday, 23 June 2013

Relics Rulebook 1.2 Artwork

A few month ago I had the wonderful opportunity to revisit the world of Relicia in full colour.
Gavin, the man behind the madness at Tor Gaming, asked me to do a few more colour pieces for the new version of the Relics Rulebook. In addition to the original Nuem art I had done previously, each of the remaining factions was to have its own feature piece. And here they are:

Britanan Troopers (lead by Sergeant Major) blasting away at some Orcnar Grymann

Orcnar Unmann charging at (and dismembering) C'thu Archers

Vaettir Varriers ambushing a group of Nuem Paenitentiam

Aside from all this full colour goodness, the book also features a great many drawings of the various units found in the game of Relics. So many in fact, you could almost call it a sketchbook!

The Relics Rulebook 1.2 is available from the Tor Gaming Online Store. There is a standard edition as well as a collectors edition, which is limited to 200 copies.