Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Sketchbook: De Drud Druckt

Quick colour test sketch for a new art project...
... and to try out my new inks.

It's a really small sketch, which is why it is so rough. I'm really impressed with the colour intensity of these inks, though. Thus far, I've only tried out Rohrer & Klingner's Calligraphy Ink, but I also have a few other brands lying around that I've yet to open.

As for the title, a Drud or Drude is the German name for a witch/fairy type creature that likes to sit on people and beasts (either while walking or sleeping), thereby sucking the life energy from them.

Anyway, here's the sketch now...

De Drud Druckt. © Christian Schwager


  1. Lovely! And an interesting creature. There are tons of those that sit on people and drain them when they sleep (experiences of sleep paralysis are not that uncommon, and they likely spawn these stories), but I haven't yet heard of one that leeches your life while you walk.

    1. Thanks Ana. :)
      Yeah, it might be some sort of regional version that does that. There are local (Bavaria) stories of witchy old crones asking travellers to carry them for a bit, or they just jump onto peoples' (and animals') backs as they walk by.
      Fascinating subject, as with all folklore. :D