Monday, 23 March 2015

Dark Heresy 2nd Edition: Forgotten Gods

It's been too long!
So I thought I'd post some more work I did for the 2nd Edition of Fantasy Flight Games' Dark Heresy RPG. The following artwork was published in the first supplement, titled Forgotten Gods.

In addition to the usual characters and scenes, I also got to try my hand at doing an environment... which still has a few dubious characters lurking about as well. Plus some more concept sketches for the denizens of this grim dark setting.

Prayers for the Dead

Following the Trail

The Grave World

Lord Pyre

Inheritors Concept Art


  1. Amazing artwork. I love the "Follow the Trail" piece. It's so nice to see some new artwork!

    1. Cheers, Jordan! Turns out you're not the only one who has a fondness for this piece... interesting. :)