Sunday, 27 October 2013

Vnicorne (Unicorn)

Unicorns are one of those iconic breeds of fantasy creatures that I always wanted to add to my portfolio, but never got around to... until recently.
The Creature of the Week challenge #304 over on asked for "Twisted Fantasy Creatures: Equines". We were asked to portray an evil and sadistic version of one (or all) of the following: Unicorn, Pegasus & Hippocampus.

Obviously I went for the Unicorn, so here's what I came up with... followed by a short description of the concept.

The Vnicorne is the grim dark cousin of the Unicorn. It is of a cruel and twisted nature and hungers for blood and raw flesh. Eager to spread its corrupted seed, it proudly displays its masculinity and its impressive mane.


  1. Hey Christian, thanks for following my blog! I remember this piece on conceptart, It was actually my favourite (and I think my only vote) because I thought it was so interestingly repulsive for so many reasons. Love the pencil work and colouring too, it sort of reminded me of Keith Thompson.

    1. You're welcome, Leanne, and a big thank you in return. Glad to hear you like my Vnicorne so much. It's always a pleasure to meet a fellow Keith Thompson fan :)