Sunday, 23 June 2013

Relics Rulebook 1.2 Artwork

A few month ago I had the wonderful opportunity to revisit the world of Relicia in full colour.
Gavin, the man behind the madness at Tor Gaming, asked me to do a few more colour pieces for the new version of the Relics Rulebook. In addition to the original Nuem art I had done previously, each of the remaining factions was to have its own feature piece. And here they are:

Britanan Troopers (lead by Sergeant Major) blasting away at some Orcnar Grymann

Orcnar Unmann charging at (and dismembering) C'thu Archers

Vaettir Varriers ambushing a group of Nuem Paenitentiam

Aside from all this full colour goodness, the book also features a great many drawings of the various units found in the game of Relics. So many in fact, you could almost call it a sketchbook!

The Relics Rulebook 1.2 is available from the Tor Gaming Online Store. There is a standard edition as well as a collectors edition, which is limited to 200 copies.


  1. I'm glad to see you're alive and well :) I like the way the drawings are funny but still dead serious in a wicked way.


    1. Thanks Turska, I like to call it "cute but vicious" ;)

      And yip, still alive, just really busy with some new and exciting work for FFG.

  2. Awesome work Christian. I'm expecting my signed copy of the collectors edition to turn up in the mail. Kevin and i are going to attempt to have our first 300 pt game at the next South Auckland club meet. You should come along and join in.

    1. Thank you Mark :)
      Would love to pop along (and sign your book), but it depends on how I get on. Just two weeks until my big holiday, so it's a bit mad at the moment.