Sunday, 19 May 2013

Ordo Illuminatus :: Revisited

A few years ago I discovered an awesome online community that is all about the appreciation and creation of Warhammer and Warhammer 40k inspired art: Ordo Illuminatus

Even though activity was already on the decline when I actively joined the forum in 2009, there were still a great number of talented and enthusiastic individuals about and I tremendously enjoyed being a part of this community. Unfortunately, life has since left the Ordo Illuminatus forum, but it is still up in case anyone wants to head over there to have a look-see.
As the 2009 season of the Ordo Illuminatus Weekly Sketch Group was about to kick off, I jumped in with both feet and got drawing. In fact, I set myself the goal to contribute to every single sketch challenge throughout the year... and I did. More on that at the end of this post.

Earlier this year, as I was looking through my old sketchbooks, I re-discovered all of these sketches. So I decided to revisit some of them for my portfolio and give them some (digital) paint. Here are the first two (I plan to paint more of them at some stage)...

WSG#28: Champions (Champion of Nurgle)

WSG#22: Or(k)nate Armour

Throughout the 2009 season of the Weekly Sketch Group there were a total of 50 challenges, one of which was not an art challenge. Since my contributions are no longer on the forum (re-designed my homepage and needed the space on the server) I decided to compile all 49 of my entries into the single image below.


  1. That is some crazy good stuff!

  2. Any chance you could put up a bigger picture of your sketches? I can't zoom in very far and so can't really see the details.

    I love that Ork in heavy armour. Very brutal-looking. And the Nurgle Champion looks suitably corrupted and rotting :)

  3. Wow! There's bunch of really cool sketches there...

    But to echo Luke - bigger pics please!

  4. Thanks alot for sharing, great work :)



  5. Thank you all for the nice comments :)

    Well, I just uploaded a much bigger version of the compilation image... unfortunately I can't get Blogger to display or link to the full size image. Until I figure it out, this is as big as it gets, I'm afraid.

    If anyone can offer assistance or tips, I'm all ears.