Sunday, 28 October 2012

Frankenstein Revisited - WIP1: Roughs

Welcome to the Art of Schwager Halloween Special!

With every horror fan's favourite holiday just around the corner, the good folks over at the Imagine FX forums put up an appropriately themed weekly challenge:
"Its nearly Halloween so time for a scaaaary challenge. MarShelley's book Frankenstein was published in 1818. Show your homage to her by creating your very own Frankenstein monster, try to stay true to her vision."

Over the next few days, I will be posting my progress on my own version of Frankenstein. All going well, there will be an update every day until it's finished.

So here's WIP1: Roughs

I use these kinds of sketches as the starting point for all my work. It helps me explore the general theme and come up with some rough ideas for composition and character design before I get started on a proper sketch.

Speaking of which, I've already started on a pencil sketch. I'm planning to get that finished sometime tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled for another update coming soon...

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